Notification Enhancements for Manual and Event Completion of Bulk Imports

It is extremely important to be able to easily and accurately track compliance. There needs to be consistent clarification who has been assigned and unassigned training, registered in events, as well as who has had their coursework completed by an administrator or manager.

Note: This release only supports academy courses, NOT coupon-based courses.

Reports can now be set up to automatically emailed to the individual uploading the following as a bulk import:

  • Course assignment
  • Learning Path assignment
  • Manual course completion
  • Manual curriculum completion
  • Course unassigment
  • Learning Path unassignment
  • Event registration
  • Registrant management

Using Spreadsheet Templates

Those who have the permission to do so, will see the download and upload buttons on their respective pages.

Enabling Notifications

The various notifications sent out automatically in your academy can be found by going to the Training Admin Workspace and selecting Notifications -> Academy in the left navigation bar.

Under Courses / Learning Paths, you'll find Bulk import courses and Bulk import learning paths. Under Events, you'll find Bulk import events.

In-app notifications will not appear to verify imports. This will be added again in future releases.


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