Group Courses

As an admin or a training manager, you have the option to divide the courses within learning paths into groups. This feature is only available to learning paths and it mainly refers to training managers. With this feature, they have the option to see the stats on the Employees Dashboard but only for the courses that are part of the group they choose. 

As you may already know, you can divide the courses within a learning path into sections. However, groups are not visible to students whereas sections are.

Add Course Groups

To add a group you have to select the Group Courses option from the learning path panel.

Then select Create Group.

You will be prompted to give a name to your group and choose the courses you want to add to it. You can do this by selecting each relevant plus symbol in the list on the right to move the course to the list on the left. Saving when finished.

They then appear in a list below, where you can edit and remove them as needed.


View Course Groups

You can then view the grouped courses when within My Team's Dashboard. Navigate to the learning path, and use the drop-down to filter the learning path's courses by group.


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