Revoked Coupons Functionality

There are cases where you might see the remaining number of coupons for a specific course, increased. This can be explained by revoked coupons.

If a user in your academy has used a coupon to enroll in a course, then the remaining number of your coupon will be reduced by one. However, if this user gets deactivated before they make any progress in the course (Progress=0%), this coupon will be revoked automatically, as the user has not in fact used it. At that point, the remaining coupons for this course will increase by one, as one coupon will be revoked. 

If this user is reactivated, and there are remaining coupons left, the user will be re-enrolled to the course automatically and the remaining quota will again be reduced by one. However, if no remaining coupons are left, the user will not be re-enrolled in the course. 

Please note:

  • When a user drops out or gets unassigned from a coupon course, the coupon does not get revoked.
  • The same applies to users whose accounts get eventually deactivated. Since the unassignment took place while they were active, the coupon will not get revoked upon their deactivation.
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