Academy Marketplace

Your academy can now have its own internal marketplace. The Academy Marketplace allows those associated with your academy to purchase access to courses developed in your academy. 

The Academy Marketplace has its own unique internet address, and one does not need to be logged into Schoox to access it. If they decide to purchase a course, they will be taken to the Schoox login page and then be able to complete the transaction.

Enabling Academy Marketplace in your Academy

In the Academy Admin Workspace, go to Notifications -> Control Panel. Here, you should see the Public Registration and Academy Marketplace section. If you do not, please contact your Schoox representative or Schoox support, and they will activate the option in your academy.

You can then enable Academy Marketplace and allow public registration in your Academy by toggling the appropriate options, and saving when finished.

The unique internet address for each option is shown after enabling the functionality. Share the links where appropriate.


Public Registration

The Academy Marketplace link is open for anyone to view, but the courses themselves are associated with your academy. Therefore, there needs to be a way for Academy Marketplace visitors to join your academy so they can purchase and take the desired courses. This is where public registration comes in. 

By enabling public registration, you are simply allowing the visitor to add themselves to your academy, and you can determine what fields should appear on the registration form and whether any of those fields are required. 


Lastly, you can restrict who can register by specifying an email domain or domains. When selected, the visitor will need to provide their email address when registering. If that email address does not end with the correct domain, they will not be allowed to complete the registration.



PLEASE NOTE: If you decide to deactivate the Academy Marketplace in your academy, all courses available on the Academy Marketplace will be removed. You will need to start over from scratch if you decide to re-enable it.


Adding Courses to the Academy Marketplace

After enabling Academy Marketplace in your academy, you can the start adding courses.

In the course panel, add it to the Academy Marketplace by selecting its Academy Marketplace checkbox, and apply. Edit its price below. The status of the course must be Public.

Note: Admins, Training Managers, and Professional Instructors are able to add courses to the Academy Marketplace.


Enrolling in an Academy Marketplace Course

Learners who want to purchase an Academy Marketplace course will simply need to navigate to the Academy Marketplace, select the desired course, and enroll themselves.


They will then be led through the checkout process.


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