Managing Standalone On-the-Job Training

An Admin or a Manager with the Create Standalone On the Job Training permission can create and manage their Standalone On the Job Trainings. 

To manage the On the Job Trainings that you have permission to, head to the Training Admin Workspace and select Manage Training -> On-the-Job Training in the left navigation bar. Here you will be able to see the On-the-Job Trainings. To filter these by Standalone only, go to the Status dropdown menu and select Standalone.

Select the On-the-Job Training you want to manage. This will lead you to the available settings for this OJT.

On this page, you have the option to:

Note: If you want to Assign, Unassign or Reassign students to or from a standalone On-the-Job Training, you can do this from the Team Workspace. For more information, see Managing Standalone On-the-Job Training's Students

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