Quick Login Activation [mobile app]

The Schoox mobile application offers the ability to use your device's fingerprint or Face sensor to log in without typing credentials.

To enable the Quick Login functionality, simply select Settings on the main navigation menu and then hit on Enable Quick Login.


On the next page, select Continue.


Firstly, you will be requested to type a 4 digit PIN. Please, set the PIN following the instructions and then select Continue.


Next, you will have to set up the Face ID recognition. Select Continue and follow the device's instructions.



Next, you will be requested to enter your fingerprint for the Touch ID recognition. Hit on Continue and follow the device's instructions.


After creating a 4 digits PIN and setting your Face/ Touch ID recognition you will receive a message of a successful setup!


Please, note that the Autologout setting in the mobile application has to be set to OFF for the Quick Login to be available.



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