How can I navigate a Group? [mobile app]

Groups are a great social tool to allow conversation and documents to be kept and shared outside of the training process.

If you are a member of a Group you may have several options to interact with the other Group Members, if your Group Admin has set up these options.

Let's check them in more detail!

Select Groups from the main navigation menu and find the Group in question.


On the top right there is a drop-down menu. In there you can find the option to leave the Group.

Leave_group_1.png                     Leave_group_2.png

In the Latest Feeds at the Home tab, the Group members can share messages, useful links, files, and/ or images!


For more details about Group Wall posts, please check the following article: How to add, edit and delete a wall post to a group? [mobile app]


Latest Discussions: Discussion boards allow you to have conversations or gather feedback from the group members about specific topics. You have the ability to search and sort the discussions based on your desired criteria.


Content: Use the Group Library to see or store material relevant to your Group.


Latest Poll: Under Polls, you can respond to any Polls that the Group Admin has created for you. Just click Start, select your response, and click Submit!


Members: Under Group Members, you can see which other members of your Academy are also part of this Group.



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