What information can I see in a curriculum? [mobile app]

You can easily find a lot of information regarding a curriculum, by simply navigating on the left side main menu, selecting My Training or Curricula, and finding the curriculum in question. 



Details section shows general info about the curriculum. Here you can find the following information:  


1. Your current progress on this curriculum.

2. If the curriculum is required to be completed.

3. The time spent in the curriculum until now.

4. The number of courses the curriculum contains.

5. The number of supplemental items the curriculum contains.

6. The number of events the curriculum contains.

7. The content category the curriculum belongs to.


The Steps tab displays all the courses, events, or polls that belong to this curriculum. If courses are divided into sections, you can view your progress in each section in total, as well as, your progress for each course individually.


Supplemental Material

The supplemental Material tab displays all additional items that are connected to this curriculum. You can either use the filtering options to search through all materials or download something if you wish!




The Performance tab displays skills associated with this curriculum. In other words, the curriculum has courses (either directly, or via prerequisites) that are connected to skills.



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