Connecting Your Academy With Your WebEx Account

In Schoox you can connect your Academy with your WebEx Training account in order to initiate and complete Virtual Events. That means that you, as an Academy Admin, as well as all Event Instructors if they are given the option to, will be able to use one Webex account for all of your Virtual Events.

To do so, simply navigate to the Academy Admin Workspace and go to Settings -> Control Panel. Under Virtual Events Integration, select Integration with Cisco - Webex.

Fill in the form with your Webex account details, and then Save your changes! 

Note: The capacity field plays an important role in the number of attendees allowed for your Live Sessions.

If all of the data you filled in were the correct ones, your Webex account will be successfully connected to your Schoox Academy!


You are now ready to start creating your events! Once you are ready, initiate them using the connected Webex account!


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