Managing Academy Notifications I Receive

In SchooX, you have the option to manage your Academy notifications and decide if you want to receive them or not. The Academy notifications include notifications that may be triggered by general actions within the academy such as when someone comments in a Wall post or when someone sends you an Academy group invitation.

To manage the Academy notifications you want to receive, go to your profile picture in the top right and click Settings. Select View notifications under Notifications to manage those.

Τhere are two kinds of General Academies notifications: Individual and Global. Click on the respective tab to see the notifications you can enable/disable, based on your role.

Under the Individual tab, you have the option to enable/disable the notifications that your academy has enabled for its users.

Under the Global tab, you have the option to enable/disable notifications coming from Schoox/Content providers.

Once you finish your changes you will see two options for them: you can Save them or Restore them. The Save action will apply all the changes you made, while the Restore action will change all notifications back to their default state.


Please note:
- You cannot disable all notifications that you receive from your Academy, as most of them can only be managed by your Academy Admins.


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