Copying Polls

Depending on the type of the Polls and your role, you can copy them by following one of the two different paths below:

(a) If you are an Admin or Training Manager all the Standalone Polls are available and you have the option to copy them. None of the other roles are able to copy a Standalone Poll.

To do so go to the Training Admin Workspace and select Polls -> Standalone Polls on the left. Find the poll you are looking for and click Copy.


(b) If you are a user that has permission to create courses or learning paths, you are able to create the relevant Poll and add it to your Pool. You can create a pool following the Creating a Pool of Course or Learning Path Polls

In this case, when you create a new Course or Learning Path you may use one of the Polls of your Pool. Just go to Polls under the Course or Learning Path Panel and select Poll Pools. Filter the results based on the Pool name and add it to your course.

Note: Polls frοm In-Class Events and Virtual Events events can not be copied

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