Deleting a Course

Courses can be deleted if no longer needed. This fully removed the course from your Academy. Though easy to do, there are few things to consider before doing so.

Navigate to the appropriate course. Select Training Admin in the workspace launcher. Under Manage Training on the left, select Courses.


After selecting the appropriate course from the list, select Edit Course from the menus on the right. There, at the bottom of the list, you'll be able to delete the course.


Please note also the following:

  • This action is not reversible.
  • Everything related to this course like lectures, discussion board, supplemental material will be deleted permanently.
  • The course won’t be available on the user’s dashboard and it won’t populate in any report in the Report Builder, meaning that no data for this course will be available.
  • The already awarded Certificates will remain available under the user profiles.
  • If the course has also connected events, then after the course deletion these events turn into stand-alone ones and all the registered users will remain unaffected. In case the course was under a category or even under multiple categories the remained stand-alone event will no longer belong to this category but will be transferred under the "Without Category".


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