Using Deep Linking in Your Academy

Deep linking, or Private Share Links, allow an academy member to find specific courses or resources easier when not logged into Schoox. The member can click a link, log into Schoox, and be taken directly to the course or piece of content.

The individual using the link must have access to the content or course in Schoox.

Find Course Deep Links

To find a course's deep link, go to the Learner Workspace and select Training -> Catalog in the left navigation bar. This will give you a list of training open for you to enroll in.

Selecting the course itself will take you to its information page. There you have the choice of either copying the QR code directly to an email or other communication, or selecting Download QR code.

This will create a PDF with both the QR code and a link to the course.


Find Resources Deep Links

To find a specific item's deep link, go to the Learner Workspace and select Resources in the left navigation bar. Find the content you want to deep-link, and select More Info.

Select Copy Private Share Link.

The link can then be pasted into an email or other communication.



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