Merging Users

There might be cases that a user's account has accidentally been created more than one time in the same academy. Users with the Merge Users permission can merge these accounts in order to have one unique account for each of your users.

Please note: this functionality is not available to all academies at this time! However, if you are interested in having it you can reach out to our super Support Team at

Before proceeding with the actions that you need to follow to merge two accounts it's important to note that the merging process takes into account only specific entities. 

This process takes into account the following entities:

  • any course and lecture progress
  • course completion and certificates
  • exam and vignette attempts
  • learning path progress
  • learning path completions and certificates
  • polls
  • events registration/attendance
  • external IDs (optionally)
  • financial information

It will not take into account the Jobs, Units & Above Units of the user that will be merged. The process only keeps the organizational structure of the main user.

To merge users, go to the Academy Admin Workspace and select Organization -> Merge Members in the left navigation bar.

Once you have selected the Merge Members option, a table with two columns will appear.

In the Browse Users column, you will find a list of your Academy members. You can use the search bar to search for the users you want to merge. 

Once you find the relevant users, you can click on the info icon next to their names to have a quick review of their organizational structure. Once you select which user you want to keep, click the plus symbol next to their name. This will add the user to the Keep User Field. This means that this is the account that will remain active in the academy and whose organizational structure will be retained. 


The second user that you select from now on, will be automatically transferred to the Users to Merge Field.

In case that you need to change the user account that you want to keep, there is always an option to do so, using the Keep User button. Once you click the Keep User button, the two users will switch places. You also have the option to remove any of the users from this process, by clicking the x button next to their name. 


At the bottom of this column, you can select if you want to merge both of the users' External IDs to the keep user. Just check the relevant checkbox. 


Once you are sure of the users and the setup you have selected, click the Merge button to complete the process. 

Please note

  • When merging users, Badges & Credits don’t transfer to the Active user. Instead they remain under the merged/deactivated user.
  • Course completions have the priority over and supersede incomplete coursework. If one account has completed a course but the second account has not completed the same course, the merged user will show that course as complete.
  • Progress is compiled from all merged accounts. If a lecture was 75% complete in Account A's course, but only 25% of that same lecture was complete in Account B's course, the merged account would show 75% complete in that lecture.
  • Merging two accounts is irreversible, so you must be extra careful when merging two users
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