Skipping the Schoox Login Page by Utilizing SSO (Single Sign-On)

As an Admin, you can select if you want your Academy's users to skip the Schoox login page and use single sign-on (SSO) instead.

After your SSO setup has been finalized, head over to the Academy Admin Workspace and select Settings -> General in the left navigation bar.


In the Academy Branding space, select Login Page to customize your login page.


On the page that appears, enable the following two options:

  • Skip Schoox Login Page

  • Skip Company Page


Please Note: Skip Company Page is not available to all organizations depending on how your SSO was configured. If you do not see this toggle, the option has been already activated through the SSO setup process, and cannot be deactivated here.

After enabling these settings, users will be redirected to the academy's SSO page after entering the name of their SSO-enabled academy.

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