Editing My Profile

Every user in the Schoox academy has their own profile. This profile shows information about the user, as well as their accomplishments. You can change many of the settings relating to yourself within it.

On the top-right, click on the small circle. If you have a profile picture set, it will show the profile picture, otherwise it will show a grey outline of a person. Select Profile to go to your profile.

To edit the items on your profile, click on Edit Profile under your profile photo. Here, you can change your name, preferred name, and country on the left. In the main screen, you can write a biography, change your language, add past experience, and add your education.

Once you changed everything you wanted to change, click on the purple Save button on the left.

  • First- and last name: This is your legal name.
  • Preferred name: This is the name you want to go by.
  • Country: This is the country you are located in.
  • Languages and preferred language: Changing Your Preferred Language
  • Short Bio: Add a few words about yourself
  • Education: You can add new education or edit what you added in the past. 
  • Experience: You can add new experience or edit what you added in the past. 

Last but not least, you can update your profile picture if you wish so, by hitting either Upload or Remove. The size limit for this is 4MB, the max resolution is [1920px, 1920px] and the minimum resolution is [175px, 175px].

Note: The information you are able to edit depends on which information your Academy Admin has permitted you to edit.

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