Unassigning Multiple Learning Paths from Multiple Users

Users with Admin rights, Training Managers or Managers with the Assign Training permission enabled, can unassign multiple Learning Paths from multiple users.

There are two different ways to complete this kind of unassignment:

  • Unssignment Template
  • Unassign Multiple Learning Paths option

Unassignment Template

The Unassignment Template is an option available to the Admins and the Training Managers of an Academy (if the Admin has allowed them to assign training). To learn how to leverage the Unassignment Template, read more: Unassigning Training

Unassign Multiple Learning Paths Option

The Unassign Multiple Learning Paths option can be found under the Team Workspace, by navigating to Self-Paced Training -> Unassign Training. 

Selecting the Learning Paths

By selecting multiple Learning Paths and clicking Next you can assign them at the same time. 

You can filter the Learning Paths by Category, or search for a specific Learning Path by using the search bar. Once you find a Learning Path you want to unassign, select it by checking the checkbox next to its name.

If you want to filter on just the selected Learning Paths, you can do this in the Show dropdown menu

When you click Next, you will go to the next page where you can select the users to unassign them from.


You have to select which users you want to unassign from this training. You have two different unassignment options: By Person and By Criteria.

By Person

You can find individuals easier using the search field and drop-down filter menus. In order to select an individual, simply click the Plus symbol next to his/her name in the left-hand column. The user will then appear in the right-hand Selected column. To remove an individual from the list, click the Minus symbol.

Once you have selected the users that you want to unassign click the Next button to select the Learning Paths you want to unassign them from. 

By Criteria

You can select to unassign users based on their job and location. Under By Criteria, select the specific job to which this process should be applied. Then, select both the desired Above Units and Units in their respective columns, filtering using the drop-down menus, if needed.Screenshot_23.png

You can also filter the users further based on custom fields that you have set up for your Academy by clicking the "Choose Additional Fields" dropdown. 

Last but not least, you can also select to combine two different groups of users to match your needs. You can read more on how to combine two assignment groups here: Combining (Un)Assignment Rules

After you have applied all the needed filters and selections, the number of individuals affected will appear below.

Don't forget to click Unassign when finished to unassign the users.

Please note that (Assistant) Unit Managers and (Assistant) Head Of's will be able to unassign Learning Paths only from users that either belong to their (Above) Unit or their underneath (Above) Units. Moreover, they will be able to select only the Learning Paths that they have permission to access, based on the relevant category permissions.

To learn more on the unassignment process you can read here: Unassigning Training

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