Adding Bonus Content to Events

You have the option to add bonus content both to In-Class and Virtual Events.

Select the Training Admin Workspace. Under Manage Training on the left, select either In-Class or Virtual Events. Then select the event from the list, and then the specific offer or session.


Then select the Bonus Content option on the right.

 You have the option of adding a URL, upload an item from your computer, or grab content from your library.

If you are adding a URL or a file from your computer, you will also have to add a title and a description if you want to. Don't forget to hit Save when finished!


From now on, you will be able to see it under the Bonus Content tab and you will have the option to edit it, delete it, or download it if the type allows you to.


Regular users will have the option to access all Bonus Content under the Bonus Content tab on the event page. 

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