Managing Your Academy's Compliance Learning Paths

The specifics of compliance differ from academy to academy. In Schoox you can mark specific learning paths as Compliance, and then track that compliance in your academy.

Creating a Compliance Learning Path

You can deem a learning path as a compliance learning path when you create it originally or when editing it later by simply selecting Yes under Compliance Learning Path.

For your compliance learning path you can select whether you want a certificate awarded or not.

If your learning path is set up to award a certificate, then all learners who have an active certificate will be considered compliant. If your learning path is set up to not award a certificate, then all users who have an active completion will be considered compliant. 

The Compliance Dashboard

Compliance learning path have their own dashboard, which has some unique features that will help you manage these learning paths.

Select the Team Workspace. Under My Team's Dashboard on the left, select Compliance.


Then select Compliance Dashboard by Learning Path.

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