Uploading Instructions for an On the Job Training Task

In Schoox, you have three options when it comes to providing your trainees with instructions on how to complete an On-the-Job Training task to which they have been assigned.

  • A universal set of instructions for all the trainees completing a task,
  • A specified set of instructions different for each trainee, or
  • A different set of instructions for each Above Unit or Unit.

Universal Set of Instructions

To add a universal set of instructions for all the trainees that are going to complete a task, find the On the Job Training in question. Select the Training Admin Workspace. On the left, under Manage Training, select On-the-Job Training. Then select the appropriate On-the-Job Training from the list.


Select Edit Tasks.

Under each task, you have the option to upload instructions for your trainees by selecting one of the following options:

  • Add URL Instructions
  • Upload Instructions
  • Add Instructions from Library

Once you are done your trainees will be able to download their instructions, when accessing this task.

Different Set of Instructions for Each Trainee

You can upload a different set of Instructions for each Trainee. This is done within My Team's Dashboard. Select the Team Workspace. Under My Team's Dashboard on the left, locate the specific individual's On-the-Job Training.

Select Assessment Options within the appropriate task, and then the Documents tab. Select the Supporting Documents Upload button, and upload the specified set of instructions for the specific trainee and task.


You can then select to edit them, download or delete them.


Please note:

  • Supporting documents are not accessible in Trainee View, even if the logged-in user is a Manager and can see the supporting docs of the others.
  • Supporting documents are considered as a part of the assessment, so if the user gets obliged to retake the course, the documents will get erased.

Different Set of Instructions per Above Unit or Unit

To upload a set of instructions for all trainees under a specific Above Unit or Unit, select the Team Workspace. Under My Team's Dashboard on the left, locate the appropriate On-the-Job Training.


Select the needed Organizational node from the organizational filters on the top of the page. You will then be able to upload Supporting Documents for all the users under that selected Organizational node. 

The file you upload will be added as a supporting document for all the tasks of this On-the-Job Training, and for all the trainees under the selected organizational node. 

Please note that the Mass Upload button will only be enabled, if an above unit or unit is selected on the organizational filters.

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