Evaluating On-the-Job Training

Based on your permissions, you may be able to evaluate both course-connected and standalone on-the-job-trainings.

To do so, find the specific on-the-job training by selecting the Team Workspace. Under On-the-Job Training on the left, select Sign off


Select the on-the-job training from the list, then select the individual you'd like to evaluate.

You will see the tasks included in this on-the-job training , and the requirements needed for each; some may require both parties to sign off, others only the instructor.

For each task, check off completed tasks under Signed off by trainerThe date will automatically be recorded.

Moreover, you have the option to:

  • Assess each task.
  • Leave a comment.
  • View the trainee's answers for open questions.
  • Download the trainee's home assignment or upload a revised home assignment.
  • Upload an evaluation document per task, under the Documents tab. 
  • Upload a supporting document per task (Read more here: Uploading Instructions for an On-the-Job Training Task)
  • Reset a user's signature. To do so just select View Signature on the relevant task and then click on Reset Signature

Why can I not sign off the task for my employee? 

If another manager has already added an assessment for this user their task, then only this manager, an Admin, or a Training Manager with the relevant permissions can sign off the task. Hovering over the Sign-Off box will provide you with the name of the manager that has added an assessment for this user. Moreover, if you click on View Assessment you can see how the manager assessed the user and if they have added any comments. 


If you want another user to complete the assessment, then the first user must perform the following necessary actions

  • Remove the score and uncheck the sign-off checkbox 
  • Remove performance levels and uncheck the sign-off checkbox 
  • Uncheck the task

Read more: Creating On-the-Job Training

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