Registering for an Event

In Schoox, Virtuall Events and In-Class Training are used for training and gatherings that are done either virtually (through Zoom, WebEx, Teams, etc) or in-person. Events can exist as part of a course or as a standalone offer. An event could be single-day or have multiple sessions over several days.

Finding and registering for events is done in the Learner Workspace, under the sections under Training in the left navigation bar.


You can either register for an event through the event page or through the Calendar. Open events will show up on your calendar. Just click on the event and click Register. 

You can also find open events in the Catalog. Click on an event to be sent to the event page and click on the purple Register button to register.

There are cases where you have to complete all offers available in order to be marked as completed for the event. In these cases, you will only see one Register button on the top of the page, that will register you to all the needed events offers. Once you click the Register button either the host will need to approve your registration, or you will be registered automatically based on the event's setup. 

Once you have registered for an event, you can find the event under My Training under Upcoming Events.

Academy Calendar

Depending on the way your academy is set up, your Calendar will show not just your events, but allow you to filter between the event status: Registered, Not Registered, Pending Approval and Not Approved. To open the filters, click on the filters icon.

This gives you the opportunity to filter by status. Without using the filters, you can still see whether you are registered or not at a quick glance: Unregistered events show with an empty circle, whereas events you have registered for show with a filled in circle. 

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