Tracking Offline Exams

As a course creator, you can allow exams to be printed so that they may be completed offline.

The learner can then download the exam as a PDF, manually complete the exam (with pencil and paper), and turn it in.

The instructor collecting the completed exam will need to, then, manually score the exam, and record it within the individual's profile and upload a scanned copy of the completed exam as a record.

Record the Score

Navigate to the specific learner's exam in My Team's Dashboard. Select Team in the Workspace Launcher. Under My Team's Dashboard on the left, select your choice, like Training.


Select the Detail's arrow to view more information about that particular item. Within the exam, there will be an option to Add attempt by admin.

Adjust the date, if needed, the final score, and provide a comment. Save when finished.

Note that details about answers given will not be available, as the exam was not taken within Schoox.

Upload the Exam

The instructor, after scoring the exam, will need to upload it into the individual's profile for proper record keeping.

Within My Team's Dashboard, select the appropriate title from the list of exams. Select the appropriate Above Units or Units from the drop-down menus, then select Offline Exam Records. Select the Upload button to upload the scanned exam.

Uploaded exams will then be available to view, edit or delete below.


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