Enabling Skills in Your Academy

Skills are a powerful feature in Schoox, that can help you better understand your employees and leverage their capabilities! Each skill can be connected to a course or a job, so you will be able to better keep track of how the training has impacted each employee on their job!

As an Admin, to activate the Skills Management feature, head to the Development Workspace, and select Settings -> Control Panel in the left navigation bar. Here, select Performance, click on Skills Management, and toggle the first option to “Yes”. Once you have done this you are ready to use Skills in your Academy and also, apply different settings to better match this feature to your needs!

The first setting you are able to change is if you want to allow employees to conduct self-assessments.

Learn more about this under: Self-assessments and Perception Gap

If you let your employees assess themselves on available skills, you will be able to track these assessments and see how they value their capabilities compared to how you have assessed them. Self-assessments will not affect the evaluations you have made for your employees but will help you see the perception gap between your assessment and theirs. 

The second option you have is the rating scale you want to use to evaluate your employees. Here, you have three options:

1) Percentage Rating
Percentage ratings will measure the skills from 0-100%. 

2) Star Rating 

Star ratings can go from three to ten stars, and will measure the skill in stars.

3) Custom Rating

Custom Rating gives you the freedom to create your own rating system. You can add more levels by selecting Add Level.

Note: The rating scale you select here will apply for all skills in the academy.

The third option you have is whether you want proficiency levels for the skills in your Academy.

Proficiency levels work as a way to set a standard understanding of what are the levels to reach proficiency in a skill. They will help you achieve a common view for each of your skills. You can set as many levels as you need to.

The default levels in the platform are four and you can customize them to your liking. Once you have set the proficiency levels, you will be able to provide a description for them, in each skill.

The fourth and last option you can customize are the Types of the skills you want to have in your Academy. This allows another level of organization and filtering to your skills by defining them even further. 


In the below example, the academy has the following three types added: Core Competency, Skills, and Measures. When assigning skills or connecting them to courses, you can filter on these types to easily find the skills you are looking for.

To learn more about how to utilize Proficiency levels and Skill Types for each skill read: Adding Skills to Your Academy


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