Adding Bonus Content (Supplemental Material) to Your Course

You have the option to add bonus content to your course and attach it to specific course lectures. Bonus content can be a website, a file uploaded via your computer, or material uploaded directly from the Academy Resources.

To add bonus content to a course, navigate to the appropriate course. Select the Training Admin Workspace. On the left, under Manage Training, select Courses. Then select the appropriate course from the list.


Select Bonus Content.

Select one of the blue buttons, based on the type of bonus content you'd like to add.

A pop-up window will appear with a list of the lectures included in the course, including a Not tied to lecture option. Check the box next to the appropriate choice, and select Next.

You will then be redirected to add the URL, upload the file, or select the file from your Resources.

Adjust the title and add a description, if desired. The bonus content will already be attached to the lecture you chose previously, but you will be presented several additional options. Save when finished.

You will now be able to see it under Bonus Content on the right, where you can edit, delete, or move it to another lecture within the course.

Learners can access all supplemental material under the Bonus Content tab, as well as search for specific bonus content, if needed.

Please note: Associated bonus content will also show within each lecture.


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