Using the Learning Path Scheduler

You as an Admin or user with the relevant permission can decide if the learning path's courses will be automatically available to the enrolled users or if they will be made available some days after.

To apply a scheduler for your learning path 's courses, navigate to the Training Admin Workspace, click on the Manage Training, and Learning Paths. From here, select your preferred learning path and then select Learning Path Content on the right panel. Lastly, click on Courses.

The list of all the courses within your learning path will appear. Here you have the option to set up a specific number of days after which each course will be available. The number of days can be relevant to:

  • the users’ enrollment in the learning path
  • previous course completion

To enable the learning path Scheduler, select Yes on the Scheduler setting and fill in the number of days in the relevant field (per step).

Once you enable the curriculum scheduler, an extra checkbox will be available: "Show only next available step". If checked, only the next available (locked) course will be visible to the user. 

Note: Visibility and other configuration options for every course/step have to be set up through the respective type page.

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