Manage The Academy's Wall Settings

The Academy Wall is a place in the Social Workspace where users can post status updates and see news of their peers' activities. You can have a Wall on Schoox that can be used in different ways. You can use for example the wall as a communication tool between employees only or you can open up your wall to customers or members of Schoox that follow your organization. 

You, as an Academy Admin, are able to limit these interactions. You have the option to set the wall to be visible only to employees, to external members of your Academy, or completely deactivate it! You can further have control over who can review and who can post to your corporate wall. You may want, for example, to allow employees to view posts (by Admins) but not be able to post or comment. 

In order to change the Wall settings for your academy, head to the Academy Admin Workspace and hit Settings -> Control Panel in the left navigation bar. Find the Social Collaboration Module and hit Academy Wall/ News Feeds.


Ιf you want to enable the Wall feature for your academy, just turn the relevant toggle to yes! Once you enable the Wall feature for your academy, users will be able to access it from the upper navigation bar (Wall tab) and they will be able to see all of the academy posts.

You can now define who will be able to see the academy wall and who can post to it. Moreover, Wall posts can be set to be approved by an admin (prior to the publishment). The following settings are available for you to define:

1) Who can view or post on the wall
After enabling your Academy Wall you can decide who will be able to view the Wall and who will be able to post in it. You are able to apply these restrictions to your Academy's Admins, Training Managers, Employees, and External Members. If a group of members has the permission to post to the wall, they will also be able to view it. But you are able to limit their permissions to only viewing the wall. The members who are able to post in the Academy will also receive email notifications if someone interacts with a post that they are involved in.

2) All posts require approval by Admin to become public
You can choose to have control over what the users post. By enabling this setting, each post on the Wall will not be posted until an admin approves it. Admins will receive an email notification about every post that needs their approval. Once they review the post, the user that posted it will also get a notification about the post's status.

3) Admins get an email notification for every post
You can decide if Admins should be notified every time someone posts in the wall. 

4) Hide auto-generated posts
You can decide how the auto-generated posts should be handled. Apart from the posts that the members of an academy want to share, Schoox also generates some automated wall posts, when one of the following actions takes place:

Action Posted by
a course is published course creator
an event is published event creator
a group is published group creator
a poll is published poll creator

an academy member enrolls in a course

academy member

an academy member completes a course

academy member
a badge is awarded to a member

academy member (that awarded the badge)

a member earns a badge

academy member (that earned the badge)

a new friendship between members was created academy member
a bookmark is saved in the academy library

bookmark creator

a user has unlocked a new game level

academy member (that unlocked the level)

a member enters the Leaderboard

academy member (that entered the Leaderboard)

a member reaches the top of the Leaderboard

academy member (that reached the top of the Leaderboard)

a member shares media/link

academy member (that shared the media)


If you do not want these auto-generated posts to be visible, just click on the relevant "Hide auto-generated posts" box.

If you want to allow only some of these posts to be generated, please click on the relevant checkbox from the dropdown menu and keep only the desired ones.

5) Members can comment on auto-generated posts 
If this option is selected, members will be able to comment on the auto-generated posts that were mentioned above. If auto-generated posts are hidden this option is disabled.

6) Admins can edit their wall posts
If this option is checked, Admins will be able to edit their posts or comments on the Academy Wall.

7) Members can edit their wall posts
If this option is checked, then anyone that can post on the Academy Wall will be able to edit their posts or comments.


Please note:

You can manage who is able to see your post on the wall.

The setting is under your profile, under Settings -> Privacy Settings. The highlighted options below are the choices for the wall.


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