Registering Users for an Event

Academy Admins, Training Managers with the Invite/register members to Academy Events permission enabled, and Managers with the Register Members to Events permission enabled, are able to register users to events through the Register Members page.

In order to register users to your event, go to the Team Workspace and select Instructor-Led Training -> Register Members in the left navigation panel. In the main view, select either In-Class Events or Virtual Events, find your event, click on it, and select the offering you want to register users for.

Now you can start registering users. This can be either done by Individual Registration, Advanced Registration, or you can use Mass Registration through an Excel sheet.

Individual Registration

To register individuals to an event, select Individual Registration. Users that are not yet registered will have a plus next to their name. Click the plus to add them. You can click the minus in the list of selected users to deselect them. Scroll down, write out a message if you'd like, and click Register.

Advanced Registration

If you want to select a group of users based on their job(s) and (above) units, or through a pre-made Organizational Template (see also: Creating Organizational Templates) you can use Advanced Registration. Go to the Advanced Registration tab and make your selection. Scroll down, leave a message if you want to, and click Register to register the users.

Mass Registration

Admins and Training Managers with the invite/register members to Academy Events permission enabled have also the option to upload an excel file and mass-register users to an event.

To do so, go to the Team Workspace and select Instructor-Led Training -> Register Members in the left navigation bar. In the main view, click on the icon to download the template, fill in the document with all necessary information, and select the left icon to upload the updated file.

Note: There is no limit to the number of records that can be added through the template.




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