Using Credits in Your Academy

Sometimes, being considered proficient in a role requires having a specified number of credits within a predetermined time frame. In Schoox, you are able to set up types of credits, and then create rules that determine success for those credit types.

Specifically, you can create types of credits, and associate them with a course, an ILT or a job, in a way that someone would know that a number of specific credits should be acquired within a period of time. Moreover, you have the option to create lifetime-credits (that will not expire).

For example, “SEO Expert” could be a credit type. You can specify that a Unit manager who wants to be a SEO expert should have ten credits by the end of the year and that he can acquire them by taking courses of a specific category in your academy. To do so, you should associate each course with the relevant amount of credits and types of credits that it should have.

In Schoox there are two types of credits: the uploadable and the non-uploadable ones. The uploadable credits can be awarded to a user for uploading an external certificate. The non-uploadable credits can only be awarded for completing your training in Schoox. Before you are able to award these credits you have to set them up.

To allow credits in your academy, you want to navigate to the Training Admin Workspace in the workspace launcher and navigate to Settings -> Control Panel in the left navigation bar.


Here, you will find the options for the Training Manager, including credits. Under the Internal/External Training Credits setting you can choose if you want credits for your Academy. Additionally, you can decide if you want the credits to be visible on the users' certificates when they complete a course that is connected to a type of credits.

As a next step, you will need to create Credit Types and connect these types to your Credit Rules. For some more information on how to create credit types and rules please read also the following articles: 

Once you have set up your credits, you are able to connect them with courses and events, so that the users of your Academy will be awarded their needed credits! Please find below some more details on how to assign credits to your

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