Creating an Event Badge

You have the option to create badges that will be automatically awarded upon the completion of an event. These badges will show up in the user profile, and can be used as an extra motivation for employees.

To create event badges, you first need to turn this option on within your Academy Settings. In the Workspace Launcher, navigate to the Admin workspace. Then, on the left navigation bar, go to Settings -> Control Panel. 

Here you will find multiple advanced options. In this case, we are looking for the Gamification Module. Under Academy Badges, set the toggle to yes for Do You Want In Class-Training Badges and Do You Want Event Badges to make sure badges can be awarded.



Now that you have enabled the badges for your academy, you have the option to go to the Event panel of the desired Event and add a badge which employees will be awarded automatically upon event-completion. You can find this by going to the Learner Workspace and navigating to either In-Class Trainings or Live Sessions in the left navigation bar. Then, select the event you're looking for.

Select the event and offer you want to change the badge for, then select Edit Badge in the Manage Events panel on the right.

You can now create a badge for your event and give it a name, imagine, shape, icon. Select the blue Save button at the bottom of the page to save your badge. Once a user attends this event, they will be awarded the badge and will be able to view it under the Accomplishments in their profile.



  • If you are an Academy Admin, you will have the option to revoke a badge, if needed!
  • The uploaded image’s ratio should be 400x480 pixels.
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