Setting Future Assignment Dates

You have the option to schedule a course to be assigned on a specific future date.

Navigate to the appropriate course. Select the Training Admin Workspace. On the left, under Manage Training, select Courses. Select the appropriate course from the list that appears.


Select the three-dot more button, and then Assign.

Alternatively, select the Team Workspace. Under Self-Paced Training on the left, select Assign Training. Then select the course from the list.


Whether you are assigning per individual or by criteria, there will be a field where you can set up a future assignment date.

Please note! Scheduled assignments are one-off assignments.

Once you have scheduled your assignment, you will be able to find it under the Scheduled Assignments block. 

Selecting the rule allows you to edit or delete it.

All of the scheduled assignments are presented in this block, regardless of if they have been completed (strike-through text) or not.


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