Monitoring Academy Leaderboards Point Totals

In Schoox, you can see where you stand within the community or an academy. The more active you are, the more points you earn. The more points you earn, the higher your score!

To go to your Academy's Leaderboards, select Social in the Workspace Launcher. On the left, select Leaderboards.


You will be able to see all of the global and local leaderboards available in your academy and to you.

Leaderboards give you an overview of where you stand among others in your academy (Global Leaderboard), and within a specific unit or above unit (Local Leaderboard). If you are an Admin or Manager you can also drill down to view information on specific Units and Above units.


Select the General tab to monitor the points and trends of all employees in your academy. Employees can gather points by attending courses on topics relating to their focus, as well as courses outside their focus.

If you are an Admin you may also be interested in checking the level of focus of a specific employee’s training. Simply, hover over the level of focus bar next to the employee's name, to see the indication of expertise.


What is the level of focus?

Each user can gather leaderboard points by completing courses that are associated with different categories/ topics. You can gather points from courses that are coming from different categories/topics or you can gather points from courses that are associated only with one category. As such, depending on the spread, we show the level of focus. Please check the above image as an example. Zoey has a 0,6 level of focus, which means actually that ~60% of points that are shown (977) are coming from a specific category, the one that you can see when hovering over the level of focus icon (Sales).

Clicking on the By Expertise tab, allows you to break down the leaderboard by Category.


If you want to check how the selected Leaderboard was formed this month, just select the relevant trophy icon on the right to filter the information accordingly.

On the right side of this panel, you can also check how many points you need in order to improve your position in the academy. Moreover, each user has the option to download one report per leaderboard in order to check how many points were awarded to him/her for each one of the activities.


By exporting this report you can find out how many points were awarded per activity (such as course completion) and per role (e.g. Instructor, Learner, etc.). Moreover, you will be able to see which was the actual time spent upon completion, which was the max number of points you could earn per activity (e.g., in the case of SCORM files).


The Admin of an academy can set how many points will be earned after specific activities (e.g.when a learner enrolls in a course, completes a course, passes an exam, etc.)

The first time you complete the course is your only chance to get points for that task. Completing the course a second time will NOT give you points either on old or new Leaderboards.

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