Archiving a Learning Path

You can easily archive Learning Paths you are no longer using. This effectively hides the Learning Path from all users but allows you to make it active again at a later date.

To archive a Learning Path, go to the Training Admin Workspace and select Manage Training -> Learning Paths in the left navigation bar.

Select the learning path you want to archive. In the Learning Path Panel, select Edit Learning Path -> Archive Learning Path. Once you select this option, you will be redirected to another page that you'll have to select one of the following options:

  • Do not unassign enrolled users
  • Unassign users who have not completed the learning path
  • Mark all non completed users as completed by admin

Please note that:

  • Courses that are part of this learning path won’t be archived.
  • The users will remain enrolled in the learning path's courses
  • Training events that are associated with this learning path will be turned into standalone events.
  • All of the relevant auto-assignment rules will be deleted.

After you archive your learning path you will be able to find it under the learning path listings page and the Reporting features, if you filter for archived learning paths

Please note that the archival buttons may remain disabled for some time if you have started a restoring process for this learning path shortly ago. If you see the button disabled, just wait some time and visit the page again.

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