Managing Equivalent Courses

As an Admin, you can define courses that are equivalent to each other. Meaning, if they complete course A they will have also effectively completed Course B, since it has been deemed as equivalent. The specifics are based on the rules set up.
To set up your equivalencies, navigate to the Training Admin Workspace, open Settings from the left navigation, then select Equivalencies.

Select the desired primary course on the left and then each of the equivalent courses on the right.


Selected equivalent courses will reveal options, and explanations of each are found at the top of the page.


  • One-way equivalency: Completing Course A will give learners a completion for Course B, either immediately if already enrolled in Course B, or at the time of their enrollment if not yet enrolled.
  • Two-way equivalency: Completing one course will automatically mark the other course as completed. If the learner is already enrolled in both courses, the equivalency will happen immediately. Otherwise, the equivalency will occur at the time the learner enrolls in the second course.
  • Automatically assign and complete: When learners finish one course, the system will automatically assign and mark the other course as complete for them.
  • Apply retroactively: If learners finish a course before the equivalencies are set up, we'll go back and mark the equivalent course as completed for them.

Once saved, the equivalent courses will be shown on the About page of the course under the Equivalents tab.


Please note:

  • You can add up to 10 equivalent courses per course.
  • Purchased courses cannot be used as equivalent courses.
  • On course completion, all of the equivalent courses are marked as "completed as equivalent" on the employees' dashboard, even if the course is completed "By Admin".
  • No certificates are awarded for courses that have been marked as "completed as equivalent"
  • If you want to run a report in order to check the equivalency relationships that have been set up for your academy courses, try to export the "Courses Equivalent Report" using the Report Builder feature! (Read also: Using the Report Builder)
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