Setting Up an Intro Video for Your Academy

Introduction Videos for the Academy

As an Admin, you can choose to set up an Introduction Video for different groups of your Academy. This can be done for Admins, Managers and Members, or a combination of those. You can choose to show the exact same video for each group, or to set a different one based on their role. When an introduction video has been set for the specified group, upon the first time of logging into the Academy, they will be shown this video as an introduction. 

How to set up the Introduction Video

As an Admin, go to the Admin Workspace. When in the Admin Workspace, you can set the videos up using the following steps:

  • Select Settings -> Control Panel in the navigation menu.
  • Under Member Settings, look for Academy Introduction Video.
  • Toggle the option for the Introduction Video either to Yes or No.


You can also select whether you want to show the video on the web or on the mobile app. Make sure you select your preferred options, scroll down to the bottom of the Member Settings and Save your changes.

Using a Resources Video

For Admins and Managers you can only use a YouTube or Vimeo link as the video. For Members you can chose to upload a video from the Resources as well. To do this:

  • Make sure the Introduction Video toggle for Members is set to Yes.
  • Make sure that your video is uploaded in your Resources and thus hosted on the Schoox platform.
  • Navigate to the Learner workspace and select the Resources in the navigation bar

  • Find the video you want to set for the introduction and click on More Options
  • Select Set As Intro Video for Members


When this option is selected, the video will be selected as the Intro Video for Members.


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