Uploading SCORM Files into a Course (and AICC, xAPI, and cmi5)

Schoox is compatible with several eLearning standards:

  • SCORM 1.2
  • SCORM 2004 (multiple editions)
  • AICC files
  • xAPI
  • cmi5.

NOTE: Though Schoox is compatible with xAPI, the reporting functionalities within the system parallel those of SCORM 2004.

In order to publish your training, first prepare and publish your eLearning content using one of the below authoring tools: 

Currently, it's not possible for SCORM files which are generated in Articulate to automatically load the image/thumbnail that is being included within the file.

If you are having trouble, check if you are experiencing any of the below common challenges:

  • Not saving user’s progress
  • Time tracking blocks
  • Completion tracking blocks
  • Exams score blocks
  • Blank screen
  • Browser compatibility
  • Re-publishing corrupted file
  • Unsupported file or network issues
    • In this case, you will receive the error message below. Please try upload your file again, to see if this issue is related to a network delay or to the file itself. If the issue is replicated again, please contact our team (support@schoox.com) and provide the "Reference ID" number which is available in the last line of the error message. 

NOTE: The compressed .zip file must not include other.zip files. Upload only the .zip file provided to you by your authoring tool.

Our Support team is available on a daily basis to investigate and/or troubleshoot any issues. To help resolve your issues, please be prepared to share the below information:

  • The user(s) on which this issue occurred
  • The device in which the training had been accessed
    • If it is on a personal computer with a web browser, please provide the name of the web browser and its version.
    • If it is on a mobile device, please clarify if the training was accessed with a mobile browser, or within the Schoox App (IOS or Android), and the version of each App (either Schoox App or mobile browser App).
  • The authoring tool with which the content was published (examples above)

For all related issues, please contact support@schoox.com.

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