Event Visibility

In Schoox, registration-based events are open to all the members of an academy to join. You can, however, restrict the access to employees of specific units, above units, or jobs based on your organizational structure. 

An admin will be able to see the "Connect to org structure" option, only in case of:
- Course/ Curriculum - connected events  and 
- Events that do not count for course completion

A Course/ Curriculum- Connected Event inherits the Course/Curriculum-category. As such, by using the "Connect to org structure" you have the option to restrict the visibility rules for a course/curriculum-connected event.

To connect an event to the org structure, find the course/curriculum in question and head to the Manage Course/Curriculum page. Once you are there, select Live Sessions or In - Class Training from the left panel, depending on the type of event you want to search for.

Then, select Manage Events.


Search for your event click on Manage Event and then select Connect to Org. Structure from the available options.


In the panel that opens, choose your options from the dropdown list and click on Save




*Please note that after you do so, the number of the course's steps will be different for those who don't meet the criteria you have set.

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