Understanding the Knowledge Profile

If your academy admin has set up the Knowledge Profile, you can access this in your ePortfolio. To check your Knowledge Profile, navigate to the Learner Workspace, select ePortfolio in the left navigation bar, and go to Knowledge profile in the top navigation bar.


Your knowledge profile gives you an overview of which areas of knowledge you tend to pursue, and is heavily associated with the course categories you attended and how you received points on the leaderboards. It is made up out of four different graphs, all showing a different area.

Learning Focus

This graph shows information based on the courses that you have enrolled in or completed, grouped by their related subject area.

Your Profile

This graph contains the five roles that exist in Schoox and shows you the associated relation between you and each role based on the points you have achieved for several activities or achievements within the Academy (Leaderboard points). For example, in the image above, the user has some points earned as an Instructor, and as a Learner. Each role gains points based on specific actions that are configured by your Academy Admin. These are the same actions and points that also correspond to Leaderboard activity. 

Course categories

This graph represents all the course subjects that exist in the academy where you are enrolled in at least one course. It also shows how many courses of each course subject you are enrolled in. Please note that the academy may have more course subjects that are not shown in that graph, simply because the user is not enrolled in any of their courses.

Friends' courses

This is a graph shows the categories that your friends within the academy have enrolled in.

Please note: The knowledge profile shows data per Academy. So if you are a member of multiple Academies, you will different data on each of them. 

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