Understanding the Schoox Marketplace

The Schoox Marketplace is where you can find all of the Courses you need to train your employees.

Here you can browse over 10,000 public online courses in almost any topic from a wide range of course providers. You can use the search bar or select a specific category to find the courses closer to your preferences.

First, select Marketplace from the home navigation bar


 Discover over 10,000 online courses in more than 20 subject areas ranging from organizational values, to entrepreneurship, to safety, to restaurant and hospitality.


Are you thinking about purchasing one or more of our courses?

If you have not yet settled on what you want to purchase, or you want to purchase various courses, you can also contact our amazing content team by clicking the Send Message button.

Our team will present you with all the options available and will help you select the courses that best fit your needs.



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