Deleting Attempts and Unlocking Exams

When an employee has reached the maximum number of allowed attempts in an exam without succeeding, the admin can move on to deleting the attempts, unlocking new exam attempts for the user, or marking the exam as complete.

Locating the Exam

Navigate to the individual's exam by selecting the Team Worspace. Under My Team's Dashboard on the left, select Training.


Under the Employees tab (you should be on that page by default), select the individual's name from the list that appears, the Exam in the lower navigational menu.

Deleting an Attempt

Select the appropriate exam, and then Details on the right side to see the user's exam attempts.

Under this window you will be able to:

  • Create an attempt ( just click on the Add attempt by admin option)
  • Edit an attempt
  • Delete an attempt

By deleting an attempt you are allowing an employee to retake the exam that has an exam attempts limit.


To learn how to edit an attempt read more here: Adding or Editing Exam Scores

Unlocking More Attempts

Select the wrench icon next to the exam's name to unlock more attempts for the user in question. A new area will appear where you are able to select and unlock up to 10 more attempts for this user. By unlocking more attempts, the user will be able to retake the exam that has an exam attempts limit.


Save when finished.

Note: The wrench icon only appears if A) you have the Edit Exam Score permission and B) the exam has not been configured for an unlimited number of attempts.

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