Self-enrollment approval for Courses and Learning Paths

 In Schoox, you have the option to select if you want self-enrollment to need approval. There is an option that can be enabled both for Courses and Learning Paths. This option can be configured by an Admin, Training Manager, Course/Learning Paths-creator, and/or Course/Learning Paths Instructor.

If this option is enabled then when a user self-enrolls, they will not be able to access the training immediately. Only once the self-enrollment is approved, the user will be able to access the course/learning paths material.

How to set up the Self-Enrollment Approval option

The process is similar to set up for Courses and Learning Paths. To enable this option, first, you need to navigate to the Training Admin Workspace, then open Manage Training on the left navigation, and select either Courses or Learning Paths respectively. This will take you to the Manage Page of you selection, then select Edit Course/Learning Path Info.

On this page, click on the checkbox under the Self-enrollment approval field and select the users who need the approval to enroll. 


Once finished, select the Save changes button at the bottom of the page. 

Self-Enrollment Approval Process

If this option is enabled, employees will still have the option to self-enroll, however, they will need the approval of an Admin/ Training Manager/ Manager with the Approve self-enrollment requests permission enabled in order to have access to the training. 

1) Once an employee clicks on the "Enroll" button, the Managers of the academy who have been given the permission "Approve self-enrollment requests" are being informed that there is a new course/learning path enrollment request.

2) The Managers have the option to approve (or not) the enrollment requests through the Approve Enrollments page in the Team Workspace, then Self-Paced Training on left navigation, and finally, Approve Enrollments.

To approve a request, open the Pending Enrollments Requests page, select the Courses/Learning Path tab based on the training you need to approve, find the user in question, and click Approve or Decline.

3) After Manager's/ Admin's/ Training Manager's action, the employee receives an email notification informing him that the course enrollment has been approved/not been approved.

Note: The email notifications mentioned above will be sent only if the Academy Admin has enabled them for the academy.


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