Connecting My Webex Account

To connect your Academy with your WebEx account (to create Virtual Events), click on your icon in the upper navigation bar and select Settings.

Please note: currently, only Webex Training is supported. Webex Meeting accounts are not supported.

Under Settings, click on Integrations, then click on Cisco - Webex

Please note: you can have one Webex account being used for all Virtual Events of your Academy.


Enter the required information and click Save (your email and password will auto populate)

Please note: the capacity field will define the number of attendees allowed for your Virtual Events.  


Important notes:

  • Only users that have registered in Schoox with their emails can participate in Virtual Events. Users with usernames can't register in Virtual Events.
  • Webex requires a password for all training sessions. It is advisable to use a unique password for every event.
  • You need to have at least one registrant to start the event. 
  • Virtual Events can only be one-day events.
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