Managing Training Categories

You can control who has access to the courses in a category by adding specific permissions in your category. These permissions can be set per course category, based on jobs and your academy’s organizational structure. Simply put, you are able to create rules per user’s job in each category.

To navigate to your Course Catalog, select Training Admin in the Workspace Launcher.  Under Manage Training on the left, select Training Categories. Then select Go to categories.

This brings you to an overview with all the current sections and training categories in these sections. In order, the icons mean:

1. Edit Permissions

2. Edit (Rename) the Category

3. Add a subcategory 

4. Delete the category

Select Edit Permissions for Category to add or modify permissions for the category. Admins and Training Managers have access to all categories with no specific permissions required.


Give the permissions you want to Content Managers or All Employees by clicking on the relevant checkbox.

Note: Read permissions only grants access to public courses and courses the user already enrolled in.

You can also choose specific jobs and give permissions to specific units and above units. To do so, click on the Add Job/ Unit Criteria option and select the desired job(s), above unit(s) and unit(s).



1. Click on "view selected" to easily filter only the selected values.

2. If you click on the "All" option one time, you will select all current and future items. By clicking twice on the "All" option, you will select all the current options allowing you to deselect some of the selected options if needed.

Finally, save to update the category.

Write Permissions in Training Categories

Admins are also able to give managers (Head of, Unit Manager, Custom Jobs) the ability to categorize their training objects (courses, learning paths, events, OJT) in specific training categories.

There are several options when granting permissions that allow this - Create Course, Create Curriculum, Create Event, and Create Standalone On the Job Training. Select the appropriate checkboxes for each permission set.



In your academy's training categories, select the lock icon in the appropriate category.

Then specify who has write permissions in that category by selecting the appropriate write checkboxes. 


Important Tips to Remember:

  • Creating a subcategory places it automatically under its category.
  • When a subcategory is created, it inherits its parent’s permissions. However, permissions can be adjusted for both categories and subcategories whenever needed. Editing the main category's permissions after the subcategory's creationwill not pass down those changes to the existing subcategories.
  • If you delete a category, all courses included will be listed in the "Without Category" section under Categories.
  •  If you delete a subcategory, all courses included will be listed in the parent category.
  • A decentralized category (Resources/Training) always has the same name with the Above Unit that it refers to. Otherwise it would be impossible to know which De-centralized is connected with which Above Unit. If you want to edit the name then you have to edit the name of the Above Unit itself.
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