Customizing Your Academy's Look (Branding)

You can customize your Academy’s look to better fit either your personal preferences or your organization's branding. You can adjust the colors used, as well as add a cover image and logo where desired.

To do so, select Academy Admin in the Workspace Launcher. On the left, under Settings, select General.

Under the Academy Branding tab, you are able to rename your academy, as well as adjust several aspects of how your academy looks. More options will be added in the near future.

Branding Your Academy

There are four options for customizing the look and feel of your Academy to align with your organization’s brand. This includes changing the cover image, adding your logo, changing the active menu option on the left navigation and the font color of the left navigation.

Cover Image — The main image that sits at the top of the six main Workspaces.
Logo — This space is reserved for your brand logo.
Active Navigation Item — The active Workspace left navigation currently being utilized.
Active Navigation Item Text — The text that lives in the Active Navigation Item.

Adding and Replacing Your Cover Image

The cover image can be leveraged as the main image for your academy. It can be seen on all Workspaces by all users. To add or replace the cover image, select +Upload Cover.

The optimal dimensions are 1064px wide by 166px high for a cover image meant for a 1920 x 1080 screen. Experimentation and adjustments may be necessary for your needs.

Logo Image

The logo will display in the upper-left corner of the academy and in emails as the part of the header. To add or replace the logo image, select +Upload Logo.

The optimal dimensions are 144px wide by 48px high. 

The logo dimensions may be adjusted to utilize more of the space as we continue to enhance the new experience.

Active Navigation Item (Text)

Under Site Skin, you can adjust the left menu colors of the active menu item.

Background menu color refers to the options background, whereas Font color refers to the text.

Help Button

Under Widget Skin, adjust the colors associated with the Help button in the lower-right corner of the screen.

The Icon options refer to the button itself, whereas the Menu options refer to the items that appear when activated.

Common Image Sizes

Lectures, Courses, Learning Paths, and other elements can have their own imagery as well. Most of the features have their own administration panel in which you can find the respective Edit Image tab. Event images can be edited from the Manage Events page/panel; and Library Item images can be edited from the Resources on the Learner, Team or Training Admin Workspaces. Look for items like Course Thumbnail and Lecture Thumbnail.

Optimal image sizes are either 620x370 or 320x190 as shown below.

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