Content Categories Ordering Enhancement

Previously, new categories could be added to sections in your Resources, but they could not be reordered. This feature adds the ability to reorder content categories as needed, as well as moving categories between sections as needed.

Reorder Categories

To reorder Resources categories, select the Training Admin Workspace. On the left, under Settings, Select Categories Listing.


Select Resources.

Select the appropriate Go to categories.


List each section's categories in the order you want them displayed. Give each category a priority number - the highest number is listed first. Categories without a priority number are displayed alphabetically. Save when finished.


Move Categories Between Sections

To move a category from one section to another, check the box next to each appropriate category, and select Move to Section.


Select the section to which the category should be moved, and save.


... and confirm.


Note: All permissions within that category will be reset if moved to a new section.

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