Adding Alternative Hosts to Zoom Virtual Events

Previously, only Administrators and Instructors were able to host virtual events that used integrated Zoom meetings. This feature makes it possible for others to be identified as the Zoom meeting's alternative host.

Enabling Alternative Hosts in Your Academy

Select the Academy Admin Workspace. Under Settings on the left, select Control Panel.


Under Virtual Events Integration, select Integration with Zoom.

Then, enable the feature with its toggle, and save.


Enabling Alternative Hosts in Virtual Events

After enabling the feature in your academy, you will be have the option to enable it in each virtual event created.


Adding Alternative Hosts

You will then be able to select alternative hosts from the list of academy instructors provided. Simply select their plus symbol. Remove them by selecting their x.

Please note: Schoox is unable to provide a list of eligible individuals who have accounts in Zoom. Please verify those you select as alternative hosts actually has an organization Zoom account.


Each alternative host will be informed that they have been added or removed via an in-app and mobile notification, as well as by Zoom email after the event has been initiated. (To clarify and remind, "Initiate" refers to the sync process between Zoom and Schoox, after which the event can be actually started.)

Additional Details and Need-To-Knows

  • Alternative hosts must have a Zoom account associated with your organization's Zoom account and use the email address for that account. An error will appear if they do not.
  • Alternative hosts cannot initiate the event (again, referring to the Zoom/Schoox sync), but they can start the event. Only academy Admins, Training Managers, and the event's owner are able to initiate the event.
  • The event owner is the primary host, and can be deemed as such in Zoom if present in the Zoom meeting. Alternative hosts are made host only if the event owner is not present, and by order of their logging in to the meeting.  
  • Alternative hosts will appear as such in related event reports.
  • Disabling the feature in the academy removes all alternative hosts from current and future events.


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