The Difference Between a Course and a Learning Path

Most of the training in Schoox is done through either Courses or Learning Paths.

A Course is a set of lectures that can consist of any type of content (e.g. video, documents, presentations, etc). A course often focuses on one specialization, with multiple lectures breaking up the information.

A Learning Path is a group of Courses, usually on a related topic. You create a Learning Path if you want your employees to get a more comprehensive skill-set on a topic, or if you have a Course in many different languages.

Please note:

When you enroll in a Learning Path, you will automatically get enrolled in all the courses within that Learning Path if they fit your language settings. If you make progress in the course itself, it will also update the progress for the learning path.

Learning Paths can be considered an aggregator of the courses they include. Every time you go to the Learning Path page you will see details about your progress with all of the Courses you are enrolled in, as well as the total progress on the Learning Path. 

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