Inviting Members to Join Your Academy

As an Admin, you can send invitations to employees and/or external members to join your Academy.

In order to invite employees or guest members to join your Academy select Academy Admin from the upper navigation panel.

In the left side menu, under Organization, select Add Team Members.


Here we find the option to invite users by clicking the Invite Users tab. Be sure to select the correct invitation page (Employees or Guests) based on the role of the user that you want to invite. Enter the emails of the new users, separated by commas.

Please note: Employees and External Members must use the email they had when they first signed in to Schoox.

Once you add all the emails separated by a comma, add your message (if you want to) and click Send Invitations.

These users will receive an invitation email where they will click on the Join Now button in order to join your Academy.

After clicking the Join Now button in the invitation email, they will complete the signup process on Schoox. Once complete, they will become Employees or Guests of your Academy.

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