Managing Goals

As a user with permission to create and assign goals, you also have the option to later manage these goals.

To do so, go to the Learner Workspace for Personal Goals or the Team Workspace for Team Member or Organizational Goals.

In the Learner Workspace, select Development -> Goals to see the goals assigned to you.

In the Team Workspace, select Goals -> Team Member Goals or Goals -> Organizational Goals to see the goals per team member, or all organizational goals.


On the page that opens page, you can use the search bar, filters, and the pillars on the right of the page, to help you locate the goal you are looking for.

Once you find the Goal you want to manage, click on Manage Goal and you will see three options: 

  • Edit
  • Archive
  • Delete


Once you click on Edit you will be redirected to the page with the goal's settings. Here you can change any of the settings you have selected when creating the Goal except for the jobs you have selected and the "Goal will" option. 


If you no longer need a goal but want to keep the information within it, you can simply archive it. Once you click on the Archive button and confirm your selection the goal's status will change to Archived.

Once a goal is Archived, the updates to its progress and Tasks are disabled. However, the progress of the Goal will be preserved and visible in the details displayed and under Reporting. 

After archiving a goal you also have the option to restore it, following the same process.



If you no longer need a goal or the information within it you can Delete it permanently. By clicking the Delete button, the goal will be completely removed from your academy. 

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