Onboarding - Edit Org Ability

Previously, the organizational structure defining who is assigned an Onboarding process was locked after saving the profile. With this feature, the org structure set up in an Onboarding profile can now be adjusted whenever needed; no new profile is needed.

This enhancement is available by default; there is not need to set it up or request its activation.

Editing the Profile's Org

Navigate to the Onboarding profile by selecting Team in the Workspace Launcher. Under Self-Paced Training on the left, Onboarding. You'll be brought into the Profiles tab.

Select the Edit Icon in the desired profile.


You can now edit those associated with this profile under Select Job and Org Node.


Save when finished.


  • The adjustments made will add or remove learners immediately from this onboarding process; learners who already started the onboarding will no longer be required to complete it.
  • If a Profile is edited while it is inactive, learners who do not meet the new requirements will be removed and won't receive further onboarding training. New learners who fit the criteria will only be assigned the onboarding after the Profile has been reactivated.
  • Changes to profiles can be reviewed in the Profile's history tab. Select Team in the Workspace Launcher. On the left, under Training Rules, select Onboardings.

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